Friday, February 26, 2016

Want To Know A Great Way To Sculpt Arms, Backs And Abs All At Once?

I was so excited to receive my TKO 4-way resistance bands I had to put on some gym clothes and run to the gym to try them out! 

TKO 4-way resistance bands are great for tightening abs, sculpting arms and back. Resistance bands build core muscles while enhancing strength and flexibility. This exercise item is a smart addition to a complete upper and lower body workout. It's super easy to use, very portable and perfect for those on the go or who travel a lot. The TKO 4-way resistance bands have adjustable tension for varied resistance to customize your daily workout. They are a very affordable and easy way to stay in shape.
  • Adjustable tension for varied resistance
  • Tightens abdominals, sculpts arms and backs
  • Increases core muscle tone, strength and flexibility
  • Upper and lower body workout

A little history about the TKO brand. TKO launched into the fitness scene in 1996. Founded by Garry Kurtz, TKO was first a boxing equipment company, but has evolved into a health and fitness equipment brand. Under the leadership of Kurtz, TKO is committed to being a brand comprised of high quality, innovative products that are accessibly priced and support wellness and healthy living.

These resistance bands are really great! I can totally feel it working my arms, back and abs. I'm really looking forward to adding these to my workout routine.

The TKO 4-way resistance band can be purchased on Amazon and you can also find them on Instagram here.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Neiman Marcus Spring 2016 Fashion Show Beverly Hills

I always look forward to the Spring and Fall Trend Event Fashion Shows at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. They are always so sophisticated. They truly put on a great show and I love that they show you how to mix and match different pieces. Neiman Marcus is the definition of class and style.

 I had the honor of sitting front row for the most fashionable fashion show in Beverly Hills. They served bites and champagne.

The NM List Trends for Spring 2016:
  • The Wide Leg Pant
  • Bare Shoulders
  • Lace Lace Lace
  • Confident Reds
  • High-Impact Earrings
  • Shoes That Wrap & Tie
  • Denim Everything
  • Embellished Bags
  • Vivid Matte Lips
  • The Blazer Redefined

This yellow mustard color was a staple at the fashion show.

Off the shoulder is a very hot trend for spring this year.

Denim shirt dresses are a definite must have for the Spring 2016 season.

This denim jacket with leopard was my favorite. You can dress it up or down.

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