Sunday, February 4, 2018

It Cosmetics Skincare and Make Up

Confidence in a Cream
Confidence in a Cream is universal for all skin types. An ultra-hydrating moisturizer clinically tested to rejuvenate, repair, and restore skin for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin. It really is a great hydrating cream. It can be used in the AM or PM, but if you use it in the AM remember to use an SPF along with it. I use it in the morning and I have seen dramatic results as far as hydration is concerned. At this time, (in the winter) my skin is very dry and I have definitely see a huge difference in how hydrated my skin is.

Confidence in an Eye Cream 
Confidence in an Eye Cream is super moisturizing. As with Confidence in a Cream, this can also be used on any skin type in the AM or PM. Use your ring finger to apply. The reason for using your ring finger is, it is the finger that will apply the least pressure so you don't stretch the skin around your eyes. Take your ring finger and gently tap the cream around your entire eye area, including below your eye and along your orbital bone and under your eye brow. I love this cream as it is so hydrating. 

Confidence in a Cleanser 
Confidence in a Cleanser is a skin transforming hydrating cleansing serum. This cleanser will not just clean your skin, but it will leave it feeling soft, smooth and renewed. It also takes off all your make-up! What a bonus! It is great for all skin types and is sulfate free, soap free and contains ceramides, hydrolized collagen, peptides, hyaluronic acid and colloidal oatmeal. Just massage it into wet skin morning and/or night and then follow with Confidence in a Cream. This is a one-step skin cleanser! How easy is that!

Confidence in a Compact with SPF 50+  
This is a full coverage solid super serum and has SPF 50+ in it so you can skip the step of applying sunscreen. It's already in there! This groundbreaking solid serum has ceramides, hydrolized collagen, hyaluronic acid and squalane to help give you that youthful, flawless glow, all of us wish to achieve. I love it and it gives my skin that smooth airbrushed finish. Who could ask for more?!

 Heavenly Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush 
This has to be an all time favorite. Finally a make up brush engineered to apply makeup smooth and even. The brush bristles are formed of Heavenly Skin Hair. What that means is simple, the brush will contour your face and apply makeup flawlessly. 
Just gently buff Confidence in a Compact on your face using circular motions. This will extend the life of your brush and ensure perfect application of serum. Very high quality brush that will last for a long time if you take care of it properly.  

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Kevyn Aucoin Spring 2018 Launch

Kevyn Aucoin launches three amazing products for Spring 2018. 

The Molten Gems

Following in the same line as last summer's amazing Molten Metallic series, comes this Spring's lip essential, the highly anticipated Molten Gems series. There are six different shades. This is a high impact glitter and glow liquid lip. It is a blend of very fine gem-like pearls that give lips a diamond like shine. You could use these alone or as a top coat. I personally wear them both ways. For daytime I rock it alone and when I want to shine at night I use it as a top coat. I have also found it to be quite moisturizing.

Neo-Elixir Weightless Beauty Oil
 So exited to try the first ever Kevyn Aucoin beauty oil. Of course they had to go a few steps further and create a tri-phase oil. Three phases 1- Protect the skin with an essential antioxidant cocktail. 2- Nourish the skin with oils from sugar cane giving a healthy radiant glow. 3- Hydration we all know hydration is the key to keeping skin youthful and smooth. This tri-phase liquid highlighting oil primes, highlights and hydrates. It is lightweight, long lasting and goes on with a silky smooth texture. First you must shake it up. Then you apply to clean skin as a primer for your foundation. Put a couple drops on your fingers and rub them together then apply to face. You can put it under foundation to give it a dewy look or on top of foundation for more shine.

 The Prismagic Highlighting Trio
 What you see is not what you get with this highlighting palette. I think my favorite trick with prismagic mystical highlighting holographic palette will be all of the fabulous eye effects you achieve. Of course to start with... use the aura opalescent powder to bring a shimmer to the check bones giving a lifting effect, high cheek bones are a sign of beauty. Then use the illusion in the inner corner of the eye for a spotlight highlight. Last use the Enchanted over a dark eye shadow. The holographic over dark is a stunning look. But you can't be afraid of holographic shimmer, it can be used anywhere. I think my lips are calling for a Prismagic Holographic pucker. 

These fabulous products are sold at (to name a few) Sephora, Barney's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Space NK.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Borghese Winter Princess Box

This giftbox is absolutely AMAZING! I opened it and before me appeared glowing little lights everywhere. I'm in love with ALL the Borghese products they included, but the other things were so fun and cute. This little mug says "Baby It's Cold Outside", great for this time of year, and a little hot chocolate stick. Perfect for a cold winter night. There is also a bright red silk sleep mask which any girl would need to get her beauty sleep. Now I will discuss the main highlight of the Borghese products below.
P.S. On a side cat loves it too!

The Sugar Body Polish is a great product. It smells amazing and when I used it on my skin, it was so soft, smooth and hydrated after. 
The scrub contains Sugar granules to buff the skin and Rich Oils such as coconut oil, borage seed oil and sunflower seed oil to protect the skin from premature aging.

I applied this serum to my face immediately before the Radiante Revitalize and Firm Mask. It went on smooth and felt really nice. This serum contains Soy Bean Seed extract to stimulate cells and maximize the mask treatment. It also has Sodium Hyaluronate providing super moisturizing benefits and promotes elasticity and tone. This Serum can be used on all skin types.

I love this mask! It feels so cool and refreshing when you apply it. It smells wonderful and left my skin looking firm, smooth and rejuvenated. I love the gold iridescent color of the mask, it just makes it that much more luxe. It is a great anti-aging product.

I have slightly crepey skin under my eyes and these eye sheet masks really did the trick in firming that skin up. My eyes looked incredible after using them. They contain Acai and Avocado Fruit Extract to firm the skin. Arnica Montana Fruit Extract to refine the skin's texture. Hyaluronic acid to build a moisture barrier and prevent moisture loss. And Caffeine to boost the skin's elasticity.

These Borghese products are now sold on the Neiman Marcus website! So they are so easy to buy. I definitely recommend all of these products to get you through winter!

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

IT Cosmetics Transformed My Skin

I want to thank IT Cosmetics for sending me these products. They were perfect for my holiday look below and really any look day or night.  
I love how IT cosmetics gives a natural warmth and Glam without making me look plastic and fake. This is by far my favorite picture from December.

Products I Used

We all know the secret to a great look is making sure your skin is ready for make-up. I always use a gentle cleanser first and pat dry. Do not rub, be gentle with the patting, you do not want to start with irritated skin. 
After the skin is dry I applied IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream. It nurtures the skin and keeps it smooth and healthy. IT Cosmetics formulated Confidence in a Cream for just this purpose. First and foremost it is quick absorbing. I have seen it... some people using hair dryers to help dry the base moisturizers faster before makeup, not good. 
Confidence in a Cream is an amazing Anti-Aging Armour Rejuvenating Concentrate and works miracles. Hyaluronic acid and collagen immediately plump up the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while Niacin brings in more nutrients from the skin's own blood supply and nourishes our skin. If that is not enough they added a ceramide complex (ceramides form the moisture barrier of our skin) which locks in moisture. End result my skin had a firm smooth texture and was hydrated. As soon as Confidence in a Cream was absorbed my skin looked fresh, smooth, and ready for makeup.

IT Cosmetics has perfected the CC (Color Correcting) Cream. My skin is very fair which means it is prone to some redness when I go from cold to hot temps, a particular problem in the winter. IT Cosmetics has made this a thing of the past. The CC Cream is a full coverage tint and easily camouflaged the red and my skin looked flawless. I know most of us have found a great foundation with good coverage only to discover in a short amount of time, after a few smiles and laughs, the foundation has cracked and created lines (never good for a selfie). IT Cosmetics CC Cream is specifically formulated to prevent creases, and it works!
Broad spectrum SPF 50 blocks both UVA and UVB rays to prevent damage while infusing the skin with natural anti-oxidants and hydration protects and nourishes skin.

So this is my favorite trick. Nothing makes someone look as tired or adds age to your face like dry skin, dark circles, or bags under the eyes. 
IT Cosmetics formulated Bye Bye Under Eye to fix this situation. So whether you didn't get your full 8 hours of beauty sleep or you just over coffee'd and hit the treadmill too hard without drinking enough water (lack of sleep or dehydration always shows up under the eyes) Bye Bye Under Eye is for you.
Infused with pigments, vitamins, collagen, and proteins Bye Bye Under Eye corrects dark circles, removes that crepe wrinkle, and lessens the appearance of bags. Finally a full coverage concealer that works and nourishes the skin. A favorite feature is it is waterproof and will not crack. It also doesn't settle into fine lines. Look fully rested and ready for fun with Bye Bye Under Eye.

So once my skin has been cleaned and prepped with Confidence in a Cream,  CC Cream and Bye Bye Under Eye I am ready for some powder.
Bye Bye Pores pressed powder gives a stunning airbrushed effect without giving you that caked powder look. Bye Bye Pores completely blurs and blends away pores and imperfections. I love this... silk is actually in the product and yes it left my skin looking silky smooth. Bye Bye Pores light and translucent color allowed my own natural skin tone to come through and just smooth things out. Best of all I could laugh and smile all night and never did the powder clump together and get stuck in a laugh line. All of us have been shocked at sometime by a high def pic revealing powder stuck in a crease from laughing, that will just be a bad memory of a deleted photo once Bye Bye Pores is used. 

Ask any beauty professional and they will tell you one of the secrets to a glamorous look is eyebrows. Often overlooked, well groomed and properly shaped eyebrows provide the frame for our eyes. This draws attention and highlights the eyes. 
IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil is the secret weapon in my beauty arsenal. First off it is genius, a dual sided beauty tool. One side features a soft yet sturdy grooming spooley brush, the other features an oval tip pencil. First use the oval tip pencil to apply the smear proof powder to your eyebrows. Here is the trick, press a little firmer and more powder is applied go light for less powder, don't worry you can apply more as needed. Once the right amount of powder is applied use the grooming spooley, brush the powder and just watch as the powder adheres to your natural hair creating the perfect fullness and shape. Go light with the spooley for lighter hair tones and go harder for darker tones. If you have ever had trouble with a home brow wax kit this is your must have correcting tool.This is by far my favorite eyebrow pencil ever!

I achieved the perfect flirtatious flutter with a little help from IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara. Everyone knows mascara should add length and volume not stick and clump. If you have ever pulled clumps of mascara off the end of your lashes while driving you know it is no fun. IT Cosmetics formulated a mascara that actually coats your own natural lashes. Then as you brush them forward the Mascara stretches. So now the individual lashes are coated giving volume and stretched giving length. Perfect for butterfly kisses. Favorite ingredient Biotin, keeps my lashes healthy and strong.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Favorite Red Blank NYC Jacket For the Holidays in Beverly Hills

I was driving through Beverly Hills the other day and marveling at all of the Holiday Decor.  For those of you who have not done this I really must suggest you do.  Rodeo Drive is lit up by Baccarat Chandeliers, Illuminated jewels on the median, and Beverly Drive is lit up with LED icicles. With all of this festivity I still have to admit my favorite is the always reliable and elegant Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I could not resist using the sophisticated and opulent entry gate from The Four Season Beverly Wilshire Hotel for a quick shoot.

Beverly Wilshire Marisa Stewart In Frame And Louis Vutton
What an amazing backdrop. Red Jacket is Blank NY. I love the color, perfect for the season. Only Blank could make a moto jacket that seamlessly passes into the holiday theme. 

Black jeans from Frame have the best fit. Throw on a pair of black High Heeled boots and a black Nordstrom V-neck shirt. All black allows the eed suede to be a focal point of the outfit. 

Blank Leather Jacket in Beverly Hills
If you look closely my Boots have a silver strip on the inside of the heel. Little touches like that are my weakness. Just something special to make the boot stand out. 

Make up is from YSL they have the best foundation and of course the best Red Lipstick.

Look at the huge planters full of Poinsettia's. I love the red of poinsettia's. 


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Friday, December 1, 2017

Winter is Coming!

Winter is coming so it is time to embrace the cozy warmth only a fury coat can provide (faux of course).  I headed out to the new Westfield Century City Shopping Center just to hang out and see all the new stores and holiday decor. Since Century City is an outdoor shopping center I knew I needed something warm. This coat from H&M is a favorite of mine. Leopard print is always a staple, and this year the big cat is back in a huge way. Everything from Dolce & Gabbana Leopord Blazer and vest, DVF Leopard wrap dress to Gucci Leopard print pumps the cat is back. 
With this outfit the bold leopard coat with the over sized collar and general poofiness pairs perfectly with a standard black sweater (I get cold) and black jeans. 

As you can see a brilliant pop of red with the long dangling tassel Baublebar earrings help to frame the face and are just too much fun not to love. 

Baublebar Earrings are my new favorite accessory. 

I love the wide collar of this coat, it makes it so cozy and fun. Cute shoes are always a must and even with a statement from the leopard coat and red earrings my Kenneth Cole black glitter boots give just the right amount sparkle to make this a favorite outfit for Winter. 

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Perfect Thanksgiving Day Outfit

The Season for Wearing Red

So this is by far my most favorite time of the year.  Starbucks has switched to holiday cups, the surfers are wearing full wetsuits, decorations are going up, and yes the shopping season is upon us. So let's break out our festive reds and go shopping.  

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette at Westfield Century City Los Angeles shopping destination.

I paired my go to black jeans with this perfect red flared top.  As always the shoes are the base for my outfits. With the flare at the waist I felt I needed to go with a higher heeled boot. Be cautious of flats with a flared waist as it may give the appearance of shorter legs, never want that. 

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette modeling Jimmy Choo Boots Frame Denim at the new Westfield Century City Shopping Center.

Look at these sleeves so much fun. This is the perfect top for coffee and some pastries. Be careful with these sleeves if you are eating pasta, very easy for them to get dipped in the sauce accidentally. Just take my word for it.

Westfield Centery City Shopping Center Nordstrom red Top, Frame denim jeans

Simple makeup, bright red lips and a bold sparkling necklace are perfect with this outfit. 
iammarisastewart at Westfield Century City Shopping Center Nordstrom modeling black frame jeans with red Nordstroms top .

High boots pair great with any coat. I decided to keep with the black. Black just makes the red pop and really looks good. 

Ok Jack Frost I am ready for winter. 
Love my coat and the detail of the boot zipper on the back of my boots really make this a perfect outfit for outdoor mall shopping.  Don't let the Palm tree in the background fool you, It gets cold here. 

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