Monday, May 16, 2016

Smooth Feet in Less Than a Minute - The Emjoi Micro-Pedi

I was lucky enough to receive an Emjoi Micro-Pedi to try out at home. The Emjoi Micro Pedi is the only motorized callous remover to have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. If you enjoy salon-like services in an at home spa scenario the Emjoi Micro Pedi is the perfect tool for you! This tool demonstrates the value of an at home pedicure. It makes pedicures affordable, time saving and convenient. This is ideal for an active and budget conscious person who wants to do it yourself.
This product is good for both men and women. The Micro-Pedi system removes dry, rough, hardened, callused skin from the soles of feet in less than a minute. Your skin will feel smooth, soft and supple. It does all this without pain or the risk of nicks and cuts from metal scraper blades. It eliminates the hygiene concerns of having a pedicure at a spa. The functional end of the Emjoi Micro-Pedi consists of a unique Micro-Mineral roller that spins at an amazing 30 times per second. It requires 2 AA batteries.

My review is that I love it!! The Micro-Pedi is so easy to use. It takes very little time and the results were amazing. My feet have never been so smooth! This is great for the summer. Your feet will look spectacular in your sandals. Guys can use it too! I can't recommend this product enough!

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring Trend: The Pineapple T-Shirt

SheIn Pineapple t-shirt on Marisa Stewart the high heeled brunette with Stella McCartney glitter tennis shoes.

I was recently introduced to a fabulous fashion line called SheIn. They have everything from dresses to accessories everything a fashionable girl could ever want. While perusing through the website I came across what is sure to be one of the most iconic images of this spring and summer season.  The always fun Pineapple T-shirt
The pineapple is as much a symbol of laid back good times as the pink flamingo.  So whether you like your pineapples freshly chopped, from the can, or rummed up in a frothy umbrella drink made by a Bermuda short wearing mixologist the season of the Pineapple is upon us.  
SheIn got it right with (as I suspect they usually do) this homage to our favorite tropical fruit. 

The shirt goes perfect with your favorite jeans or a pair of shorts.  I have paired it with
rich blue denim jeans and a simple white denim jacket. The heather gray color of the T-shirt goes with anything, but let's remember the focal point is the pineapple, so I wanted to just keep it simple and fun.  Of course some glitter sneakers are always a great way to add an extra dash of style to any casual outfit. 

Remember in Hawaii the pineapple is a symbol of welcome and hospitality, so if you are the host of your summer soiree be sure to wear your pineapple.

The High Heeled Brunette Marisa Stewart styles SheIn pineapple shirt. Perfect spring summer outfit.

SheIn Pineapple t-shirt Stella McCartney Glitter shoes style by Marisa Stewart The high Heeled Brunette

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cane + Austin - How to Get Smooth, Healthy & Radiant Skin

Marisa Stewart, The High Heeled Brunette loves using the 30% Glycolic Peel Pads by Cane + Austin

Cane + Austin sent me two of their amazing glycolic products. I have been dying to try them forever. I have read so much about how great they are in my beauty magazines. I received the 30% Miracle Pads pictured below and the 15% Body Retexture Lotion.

This maximum strength at-home facial treatment is clinically proven to even skin tone, build collagen, and visibly reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines & wrinkles. The most intensive version of the peel, it delivers the results comparable to a 30% Glycolic Acid medical grade clinical treatment to restore luminosity and vitality, for the most radiant, healthy-looking skin. Non-irritating. Ideal for all skin types. Paraben and fragrance free.

The pads come in 10%, 20% and 30% Glycolic Acid Equivalent. I have been using the 30% pads for 2 weeks and I can without a doubt say my skin has never felt softer or smoother. I have a couple brown spots from sun damage and they are definitely fading from using this innovative and spectacular product. People have been complimenting me on how great my skin looks! I am very happy with the results so far and plan to continue using Cane + Austin.

Marisa Stewart of The High Heeled Brunette has great results using these Cane + Austin Glycolic Peeling Pads and Lotion


An at-home body treatment lotion clinically proven to relieve dry skin to reveal younger, refreshed-looking skin. Incredibly rich yet fast-absorbing, this product contains humectants infused with ultra-effective Glycolic Acid, which exfoliate and retexture skin while helping to rebuild collagen and reduce the appearance of age spots. Superoxide Dismutase, one of the most powerful known antioxidants, protects the skin from the destructive superoxide radical, while Vitamins A, C and E combine with Glycolic Acid and Coenzyme Q10 to deliver results comparable to a 15% Glycolic treatment. 

Let me say there is only one way to describe this lotion and that is with 3 letters... O-M-G!! I can't say enough how much I am in love with this lotion. I have tried many glycolic lotions in the past and they all have been sticky. Though some of them gave a good result they were miserable to wear. Cane + Austin has made the PERFECT glycolic lotion. This is the 15% Body Retexture Lotion. It dries within minutes with absolutely NO stickiness. It is a dream come true. I am using it on my arms, chest and legs. I definitely see a difference in the first 2 weeks of use. My skin looks smooth, healthy and not the least bit dry. This lotion is a winner in my book. I am the luckiest girl to have discovered it and I definitely recommend this lotion for all you ladies out there that are looking for smooth, healthy and radiant skin to rock in your bikinis this summer!

Cane + Austin transforms skin into radiant, smooth and healthy looking skin says the High Heeled Brunette Marisa Stewart

Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed learning about Cane + Austin. It's truly a remarkable product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone searching to make their skin look smooth and radiant. If you would like to purchase these products they are available at Cane + Austin or on Sephora
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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rockin' My Funky Gold Striped Jeans

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette wearing Frankie B Striped Jeans with a Louboutin Gold Studded bag the perfect shoes Miu Miu in gold glitter

How to pair a metallic Louboutin bag with metallic jeans. The high heeled brunette will show you how.
I spotted these wild pants on sale at Bloomingdale's. They are so funky and fun I had to have them. I am not someone who likes to stay on the cautious side when dressing. So I thought these were perfect. They are so loud, I just paired them with a black lace up top from express and a black leather moto jacket. I am crazy about this lace up style happening everywhere right now! I do have to admit I was a little over the top with the metallic striping and then pairing it with gold glitter shoes. But you have to have fun once in a while right?!

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Breunette Fun Outfit with Cusp Moto Jacket Striped Frankie B jeans Paired Chanel Sunglasses and Miu Miu gold glitter shoes and Christian Louboutin Gold Purse

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette loves her Frankie B funky Striped jeans, Louboutin bag, Cusp by Neiman Marcus leather Moto Jacket, and Miu Miu Shoes

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette with a fovorite Loubitan Gold Spike Bag fun Frankie B jeans and a Cusp Leather Moto Jacket perfect spring look

This metallic Louboutin Bag is everything!! I love the detail and the spikes of course are so me. They give this dainty bag some attitude.

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to Style a Velvet Leopard Jacket

It was actually a little cold here in LA today!! I was really excited to wear this jacket. I found this leopard jacket in downtown los angeles in the Santee Alley. I took one look at it and between the velvet leopard and the satin cobalt blue lining I had to have it. I love mixing patterns and texutres, so the velvet leopard was really fun to wear with my glitter boots. I've had these boots since last year, but I listed some glitter ones below. They are just so fun and I get tons of compliments.

I hope you have a happy friday tomorrow!! One more day until the weekend!
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Sunday, March 20, 2016

How to Style a Silver Metallic Moto Jacket

It's still jacket weather here in LA which makes me really happy! I live for jackets and boots. This year it has been really warm here in Los Angeles. I scored this metallic silver ALC Moto Jacket at a great sale in Barney's. I had my eye on it all season and was really lucky that they had one left in my size. Lace up tops are really in style for Spring and I got this one at Express. I love shopping end of the season sales because you can get clothes at such a great price. Everyone always says I'm a really talented sale shopper. I think its part knowing whats out there, watching for the sale and the last part is luck if they have your size.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to Style an Electric Blue Faux Fur Jacket

Marisa Stewart, The High Heeled Brunette wearing outfit from Nordstrom. Blue faux fur jacket with rhinestone Jimmy Choo Booties
When I saw this Cobalt Blue Faux Fur Jacket I just knew that I had to have it. My first favorite color is hot pink or fucshia and this blue is my second favorite. You can wear this jacket as I have here with black jeans and use it for a pop of color. It would also be cute to have a matching bag or shoes. This beautiful faux fur jacket can be dressed up or down. I'm wearing it here casual, but you could also wear it with a dress for a night out on the town. By the's sooooo soft!

Marisa Stewart shows how to wear a faux fur jacket from Nordstroms with Jimmy Choo Booties and a Valentino Rockstud Bag

Marisa Stewart, The High Heeled Brunette, shows you how to style a faux fur jacket from Nordstrom as a pop of color

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