Thursday, December 21, 2017

Favorite Red Blank NYC Jacket For the Holidays in Beverly Hills

I was driving through Beverly Hills the other day and marveling at all of the Holiday Decor.  For those of you who have not done this I really must suggest you do.  Rodeo Drive is lit up by Baccarat Chandeliers, Illuminated jewels on the median, and Beverly Drive is lit up with LED icicles. With all of this festivity I still have to admit my favorite is the always reliable and elegant Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I could not resist using the sophisticated and opulent entry gate from The Four Season Beverly Wilshire Hotel for a quick shoot.

Beverly Wilshire Marisa Stewart In Frame And Louis Vutton
What an amazing backdrop. Red Jacket is Blank NY. I love the color, perfect for the season. Only Blank could make a moto jacket that seamlessly passes into the holiday theme. 

Black jeans from Frame have the best fit. Throw on a pair of black High Heeled boots and a black Nordstrom V-neck shirt. All black allows the eed suede to be a focal point of the outfit. 

Blank Leather Jacket in Beverly Hills
If you look closely my Boots have a silver strip on the inside of the heel. Little touches like that are my weakness. Just something special to make the boot stand out. 

Make up is from YSL they have the best foundation and of course the best Red Lipstick.

Look at the huge planters full of Poinsettia's. I love the red of poinsettia's. 


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Friday, December 1, 2017

Winter is Coming!

Winter is coming so it is time to embrace the cozy warmth only a fury coat can provide (faux of course).  I headed out to the new Westfield Century City Shopping Center just to hang out and see all the new stores and holiday decor. Since Century City is an outdoor shopping center I knew I needed something warm. This coat from H&M is a favorite of mine. Leopard print is always a staple, and this year the big cat is back in a huge way. Everything from Dolce & Gabbana Leopord Blazer and vest, DVF Leopard wrap dress to Gucci Leopard print pumps the cat is back. 
With this outfit the bold leopard coat with the over sized collar and general poofiness pairs perfectly with a standard black sweater (I get cold) and black jeans. 

As you can see a brilliant pop of red with the long dangling tassel Baublebar earrings help to frame the face and are just too much fun not to love. 

Baublebar Earrings are my new favorite accessory. 

I love the wide collar of this coat, it makes it so cozy and fun. Cute shoes are always a must and even with a statement from the leopard coat and red earrings my Kenneth Cole black glitter boots give just the right amount sparkle to make this a favorite outfit for Winter. 

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Perfect Thanksgiving Day Outfit

The Season for Wearing Red

So this is by far my most favorite time of the year.  Starbucks has switched to holiday cups, the surfers are wearing full wetsuits, decorations are going up, and yes the shopping season is upon us. So let's break out our festive reds and go shopping.  

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette at Westfield Century City Los Angeles shopping destination.

I paired my go to black jeans with this perfect red flared top.  As always the shoes are the base for my outfits. With the flare at the waist I felt I needed to go with a higher heeled boot. Be cautious of flats with a flared waist as it may give the appearance of shorter legs, never want that. 

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette modeling Jimmy Choo Boots Frame Denim at the new Westfield Century City Shopping Center.

Look at these sleeves so much fun. This is the perfect top for coffee and some pastries. Be careful with these sleeves if you are eating pasta, very easy for them to get dipped in the sauce accidentally. Just take my word for it.

Westfield Centery City Shopping Center Nordstrom red Top, Frame denim jeans

Simple makeup, bright red lips and a bold sparkling necklace are perfect with this outfit. 
iammarisastewart at Westfield Century City Shopping Center Nordstrom modeling black frame jeans with red Nordstroms top .

High boots pair great with any coat. I decided to keep with the black. Black just makes the red pop and really looks good. 

Ok Jack Frost I am ready for winter. 
Love my coat and the detail of the boot zipper on the back of my boots really make this a perfect outfit for outdoor mall shopping.  Don't let the Palm tree in the background fool you, It gets cold here. 

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Home DNA Skin Testing

My skin's health from the genetic level.

I would very much like to thank HomeDNA for allowing me to be part of this revolutionary new approach to skin care.  

To get started we are all aware of the new trends towards person specific healthcare based on your own DNA.  DNA, the genetic code responsible for everything from how you look (height, color of eyes, hair color-natural hair color- at what age that hair turns grey) everything. Of course DNA does have a huge role in how healthy you are (how easily you burn carbs, artery elasticity -heart disease- increased chances of cancer). Yes it is all coded in our DNA. 
HomeDNA examined my overall skin health and how well it will age. Let science help me put my best face forward. Like many, I was curious if my rituals of slathering sunblock on my face in the morning, gentle cleansers, and patting small fortunes of night rejuvenating creams on before bed really work? All of these potions whether retinol, salicylc acid, volcanic ash, algae, whatever it is the claims are the same, youthfull wrinkle free even toned skin.  
HomeDNA unlocks the secret code for your individual skin needs and makes recommendations based on those results. 

I was tested for 7 categories: Remember this is a test and as with any test I take, from my SAT to my driver's test I want to ace them. On this test the goal is to be optimal. Let's see how I did.
1. Fine lines and wrinkles. What we are looking at here is how healthy my collagen is. Collagen is one of the main connective tissues in the body. As far as collagen goes it connects the skin to structures under the skin. Healthy collagen means smooth skin no wrinkles. As it turns out excess sugar in the body can actually break down collagen. Being made of sugar and spice and everything nice comes with some difficulties. Luckily according to my test result I am stacked with the protective genes that keep sugar from hurting my collagen. GOOD NEWS I can eat dessert.
 2.  Sun protection. It is true UV rays damage the skin so I have been very loyal about using sunblock everyday. According to my test results not letting the sun kiss my face has helped. I am just average on my genetic protection from the sun.
3.  Skin Sensitivity. This is a tricky one. Many things can cause your skin to become red and irritated. Some are as simple as hot or cold weather, others are chemical induced, added fragrances, in laundry soap can do it also. A bit too harsh of exfoliating can cause redness as well. According to my results I overreact and have a tendency to create excess inflammation which increases the aging process. It is true harsh exfoliating and many acid peels cause excessive redness for me. Makes opening the freezer and feeling that cool soothing blast of frost a real treat.
4.  Skin Elasticity. Mixed in with our collagen are many small elastic fibers. These fibers give skin it's resilience and brings it back to it's healthy youthfull self. This is apparent in the smile lines, funny how they don't make people happy.  On these I am an underachiever :(   But luckily I have strong collagen that helps to make up for this (I hope). 
5.   Pigmentation. Pigmentation is the coloring of our skin. Dark patches which no one wants. What causes the dark spots is an increase in melanin. Melanin is a natural response to the sun. As mentioned before a freckle is nothing more than a long kiss from the sun. Freckles are melanin. According to my test results I have a good tanning response, but I will have a tendency to burn first. 
6.  Collagen Quality.  So to understand collagen it is simple. Good collagen equals less wrinkles. According to my results I do not make as much of the most common collagen in my body, but I excel at making the second most common collagen, plus I have excellent repairing of that collagen. I'm a little worried as poor collagen leads to hollowing of the eyes and that leads to the appearance of dark rings. 
7.  Skin Antioxidants. Antioxidants are just free radicals. What happens is free radicals damage cell walls. Enough damage to these walls and the cell dies. Cell death equals aging. Free radicals are produced naturally in our bodies, but our skin is susceptible to free radicals created from the sun and our pollution. I live in Los Angeles where smoking indoors is banned, so that blocks out some free radicals. The biggest problem is pollution from the road. Los Angeles has a very large population, poor public transportation system and constant gridlock.  Luckily my genetic ability to scavenge up and destroy those free radicals is optimal. Of course, this does not mean I am going to spend hours on the freeway with my top down and let myself be bombarded by pollutants. 
Under each category HomeDNA gives suggestions on what ingredients to look for in topical treatments, the right vitamins and nutrients to look for in supplements, and suggestions for professional treatments. 
With my new found information I am much better armed and prepared to not age and stay looking as young and healthy as possible for as long as possible.  
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Thursday, October 26, 2017

How to Style an Electric Blue Faux Fur Jacket

Marisa Stewart, The High Heeled Brunette wearing outfit from Nordstrom. Blue faux fur jacket with rhinestone Jimmy Choo Booties
When I saw this Cobalt Blue Faux Fur Jacket I just knew that I had to have it. My first favorite color is hot pink or fucshia and this blue is my second favorite. You can wear this jacket as I have here with black jeans and use it for a pop of color. It would also be cute to have a matching bag or shoes. This beautiful faux fur jacket can be dressed up or down. I'm wearing it here casual, but you could also wear it with a dress for a night out on the town. By the's sooooo soft!

Marisa Stewart shows how to wear a faux fur jacket from Nordstroms with Jimmy Choo Booties and a Valentino Rockstud Bag

Marisa Stewart, The High Heeled Brunette, shows you how to style a faux fur jacket from Nordstrom as a pop of color

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Rockin' My Funky Gold Striped Jeans

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette wearing Frankie B Striped Jeans with a Louboutin Gold Studded bag the perfect shoes Miu Miu in gold glitter

How to pair a metallic Louboutin bag with metallic jeans. The high heeled brunette will show you how.
I spotted these wild pants on sale at Bloomingdale's. They are so funky and fun I had to have them. I am not someone who likes to stay on the cautious side when dressing. So I thought these were perfect. They are so loud, I just paired them with a black lace up top from express and a black leather moto jacket. I am crazy about this lace up style happening everywhere right now! I do have to admit I was a little over the top with the metallic striping and then pairing it with gold glitter shoes. But you have to have fun once in a while right?!

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Breunette Fun Outfit with Cusp Moto Jacket Striped Frankie B jeans Paired Chanel Sunglasses and Miu Miu gold glitter shoes and Christian Louboutin Gold Purse

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette loves her Frankie B funky Striped jeans, Louboutin bag, Cusp by Neiman Marcus leather Moto Jacket, and Miu Miu Shoes

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette with a fovorite Loubitan Gold Spike Bag fun Frankie B jeans and a Cusp Leather Moto Jacket perfect spring look

This metallic Louboutin Bag is everything!! I love the detail and the spikes of course are so me. They give this dainty bag some attitude.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fun with a Striped Bow Top

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great week! It's getting warmer here in Los Angeles so I'm in the mood for some summer/fall transitional fashions. This bow top is so cute!! I saw it on the SheIn website and knew that I needed to have it. Off the shoulder tops are really hitting the fashion trend this season. The top fits great, is very comfortable and a good quality for the affordable price. I thought it would be fun to pair this blue and white striped top with white jeans for a fun look. The blue fringe sandals are one of my faves (they are from last year), but they will definitely still be in rotation this year. So whether you are attending a backyard party, going to a yacht party (still waiting for that), or an elegant outdoor lunch this look is sure to be just right.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Mineral Fusion - Minerals on a Mission

I recently attended Mineral Fusion natural cosmetic and personal care brand preview event. It was such a pleasure to be invited to this press preview for such an amazing beauty line.

For those of you who are not aware of Mineral Fusion, it is the top of the line natural cosmetic brand. Many brands claim to be natural, but Mineral Fusion is certified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG is the final word in natural quality control. Certification EWG of Mineral Fusion not only guarantees their products are free of all those nasty lab produced chemicals (parabens, pthalates, dyes, or other harsh chemicals), but it also is environmentally friendly and comes from sustainable sources.

If you are anything like me you truly love the idea of not only healthy products, but environmentally friendly products as well. Yes, I do want to keep the oceans blue and the forest green, but I also want a product that works. Mineral Fusion has truly surpassed my expectations. With an innovative approach, the formulations of minerals infused with vitamins, natural botanicals, herbs, and nutrients have actually made beauty healthy for the skin, hair and nails. This is wonderful, but what is truly amazing is the quality of the product. I have tried some natural products and as soon as the powder goes on, you smile once, and the powder clumps and immediately there are lines. Mineral fusion does not do that. So whether you wish to present the all natural look or glam it up red carpet ready mineral fusion is there for you.

Here we have a favorite of mine the illuminating Primer and Liquid foundation. A little light blending and I have nice natural look for the day. At night a thicker coat and I'm ready for fun selfies all through the night. A little sunkissed bronzer and a rosy cheek is always a healthy must.   

Natural fusion has created the essentials here with a color palate perfect to enhance the lighter color of blue or green eyes, or for those with dark eyes bring a depth and richness. Either way the eyes will be noticed. 

The lipsticks and lip tint are infused with natural moisturizers. It can be worn all day and night without drying or cracking. Loved the way it felt and really loved how my lips were protected and moisturized the entire time I wore it. 

Mineral Fusion is truly a company whose core value is not just beauty on the outside but the inside as well. They are partnered with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 
By the way...It is now sold at CVS so it's super convenient to pick up anytime while shopping.
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