Thursday, November 10, 2016

POPSUGAR November Must Have Subscription Box

I wait impatiently all month and get so thrilled when my POPSUGAR box finally arrives. There are always so many surprises waiting for me inside that neon pink package. I just love it. As usual I was not let down. So without any further ado here is my list of must haves from POPSUGAR.

1. Kendra Scott - Rose Gold Bracelet in White Pearl
This bracelet has a sliding closure so you can have the perfect fit. This rose gold pearly bauble will flatter any complexion. It is so beautiful and delicate. I love the sliding closure. I have small wrists so this is the perfect feature for me.

2. PEHR - Chambray Runner Wine
This wine colored runner is perfect for holiday entertaining. I love the Chambray fringe on the edges. It really is a stunner on your table. I do suggest the wine color, just in case of spill.

3. Stowaway Cosmetics - Dawn to Dusk Palette
The perfect shades to create a daytime or nighttime look. This palette is so versatile. Another great feature is that it is small and will fit in your pocket or the smallest of clutches. Bring out the natural color of your eyes or just create a dramatic flare for a night on the town.

4. AJ Goods - Nest Wire Bowl
This basket is perfect to put fruits in or decorative ornaments for the holidays. It is a great centerpiece. This effortless elegant bowl is handmade in India.

5. Meri Meri - Star Party Picks
Dinner parties or cocktail parties will be fabulous with these sparkly star picks. They will light up the occasion and make everything festive. I know what is being used on my cheese platter this New Years Eve.

6. Oogie's Snacks - Oogie's Gourmet Toffee Butter Popcorn
Treat Yourself. This popcorn is the perfect blend of salty and sweet. It is truly yummy and I definitely recommend it.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Using My J Brand Jeans For A Pop Of Red

Hi everyone! It's still pretty hot here in LA so I'm slowly transitioning into my fall outfits. This one is still for warmer weather, but I added the vest and boots to give it a little fall feel. I'm absolutely obsessed with fringe so this vest was really calling my name.

I absolutely love this bag and shoes together! They are not both YSL, but they match perfectly!

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Steve Madden Cobalt Blue Fringe Boots

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette Wears Steve Madden Fringe Booties
Fringe is one of the hottest fashions for the Fall/Winter Season. It was a hot style last summer as well, so I also have the sandals that are similar to these boots. Anyway, more about these fabulous boots! The are hot! So much fun to wear. I get compliments all day everyday I wear them. The color is so bright and amazing too. These boots are perfection! And are quite comfortable too.

This is a perfect look for fall in Los Angeles. When it gets colder you just put on a leather jacket or light coat with this outfit and you are ready to go. 

How to wear a leather mini skirt and suede fringe boots

YSL Studded bag paired with cobalt blue fringe booties
I really love mixing the studs on the bag with the fringe on the shoes. Super cute!

How to wear a forever 21 rhinestone necklace

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Denim Dress

Here we are at the tail end of another summer. The evenings are getting cooler and we are starting to feel a little autumn crispness in the air. With the change in seasons there is a need to do some shopping. My friends over at Shabby Apple gave me a terrific opportunity to feature one of their fabulous items. I couldn't resist this perfect denim dress. Thanks for the dress Shabby Apple!!
The denim dress is certainly a very chic transitional piece, easily taking you into fall style. The denim dress is one of the most versatile and stylish pieces you can have in your closet right now. The reason is simple, with it you are not committing to any one season. You can definitely layer it as it gets colder.

This denim dress can be feminine or have a "cooler" look to it. You could pair it with a cardigan or a leather jacket like I did below. A cardigan would give it a more feminine look, while the leather jacket can add some attitude.

Shabby Apple has taken all the aspects of denim and designed a perfect dress. I love how this dress fits and doesn't use a tie or belt to show off the waist. A simple full length zipper is the only embellishment needed. By making it run the entire length of the dress in the center it easily draws the eyes to the middle creating a great silhouette.
Denim's bestie is a pair boots. I knew right away I had the perfect pair of booties. I just had to bring in a little more attitude and make sure the toes were studded on the booties. The studded purse really brings things together.
A simple leather jacket went perfect with this outfit. I love the way it does not distract from the outfit, but just adds another layer of cool.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Navy and White

I'm squeezing every last second of wearing my white jeans out of Summer. I know nowadays you can wear white jeans year round, but I prefer them in summer.  

Lately I have become obsessed with SheIn clothing. They have had some of the most stylish and on point clothes of this summer season. I can't wait for the Fall lineup to appear. I recently picked up this super cute top with white trim from Shein clothing. I knew immediately it would pair perfectly it with white denim jeans.
This top is so versatile I know I will be wearing it under a cute satin bomber jacket once the temperature cools. 

In order to really showcase this top I went with my favorite white denim jeans from Frame. I just love how the double layer of white trim adds the perfect contrast of light and dark to the navy color of the shirt. The double trim accentuates the feminine side of this top and softens the navy while the white jeans bring out the richness of such a deep blue.
The double white trim eliminates the boxy look that ruins many tops. 
Frame jeans have become a staple in my closet. The style is impeccable and truly they fit perfect.  In order to really elongate the legs (and who doesn't want that) I went with a nude pair of Aqazurra shoes. Since nude is such a neutral color it works great with white.   
Of course one can never forget to accessorize. A simple long chain necklace with a beautiful blue stone will do the trick nicely.The tassels hanging from the necklace are a favorite feature. Kendra Scott is always a go to for great jewelry. The tassels hanging from the cobalt stone give a flare that is truly appreciated.  

If you love my top you can click here for more info.

The High Heeled Brunette rocks her Shein top and white Frame Denim with Aquazzura shoes

Marisa Stewart rocking her Frame Denim Jeans and a Shein top

Marisa Stewart of the High Heeled Brunette Rocks her Aquazzura Halter booties
These shoes are so fab I bought them in black too! And by the way, these are my first pair of nude shoes!

Outfit Details:
Top: Shein 
More cute tops to shop all under $14! here, here, here here here
Jeans: Frame Denim
Shoes: Aquazzura
Necklace: Kendra Scott

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Adrianna Papell White Dress

I recently attended a charity luncheon here in Los Angeles. Since the luncheon was held on an outdoor patio I felt it would be a perfect opportunity to do a quick pr event shopping and see if anything catches my eye. I was lucky and found this Adrianna Papell white dress at Nordstrom. It is perfect for a summer party on the patio and will effortlessly transition to happy hour with girls or even date night. I know the current thinking is you can wear white all year round, and yes I feel it is appropriate with your separates, but when it comes to the traditional white dress Summer will always be the prime season.

      What really drew me to this dress is the detail. By adding white lace flowers to the dress Adrianna Papell created a very light beautiful pattern. It is beyond cute. I thought to pair it with my new favorite shoes Aquazurra Halter Sandals in nude.  You could definitely wear white shoes or even some pink ones for a brilliant pop of color. I would suggest a matching bag if you are going bold with pink.

 Wearing nude shoes and an all white dress created the perfect backdrop for a beautiful statement necklace. Kendra Scott makes some of the cutest jewelry out there and the stones in her pieces are the the perfect size to complement an outfit. I could not resist adding this cobalt blue necklace to the outfit, it just jumps right off the dress, a great pop of color. Longer chain necklaces are so much fun since you can easily layer them with a shorter one. The neckline on this dress is perfect for pairing two necklaces.

So as I was looking in my closet and trying to decide what bag to wear with this outfit when I remembered the event will be outdoors.  This means I will be wearing this year's hot trend of mirrored sunglasses. Nothing pairs with metallic mirrored shades quite like a metallic, so shiny it is mirrored bag. I love the silver metallic against the white lace.

1. Dress- Adrianna Papell
2. Bag- Ted Baker (similar Here & Here)
3. Shoes- Aquazurra (similar Here & Here)
4. Statement Necklace-(similar Here & Here)
5. Long Necklace- Kendra Scott

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Monday, August 8, 2016

August Degustabox Review

So here we are again. It is a new month and with that came my Degustabox.  For those of you who are not familiar with Degustabox, it is a subscription service that once a month sends a surprise box of unique treats.  Some you might be familiar with, some you may have forgotten about, and others are brand new, not even on the market yet.  It is a fun day every month when it arrives.  No matter what I always have to shake it first like a holiday present just to try and guess what might be inside. 

So here are the contents of the August 2016 Degustabox.

ALO Allure Pulp Free - I was hesitant to try another aloe based drink since all the other aloe drinks I have tasted in the past were, lets say, less then appealing to my palate.  This product however is different, with the pulp removed, the texture (yes I said texture) of the drink is much better.  A hint of mango provides the tropical sweetness and it turned out to be very good and refreshing, not medicinal like most other aloe drinks.

Sir Kensington's Chipolte Mayonnaise - So you take a kitchen staple like mayonnaise and blend in some chipotle, garlic, and tomato next thing you know the standard club sandwich really gets kicked up a few notches. I am not a huge mayonnaise fan, but this one provided the smokey heat my husband loved and he enjoyed it very much. 

 PopChips - So we are all familiar with the Popchip. They have only been around for a few years, but Popchips have taken the snacking world by storm.  The latest creation of ridges really adds some extra crunch which will satisfy any snacker.  I love how popchips got their name. As the story I heard goes, Popchips are cooked under intense pressure without any oil just hot air.  When the pressure is released the sliced potatoes suddenly expand and trap air inside.  This sudden expansion creates a popping sound. 

Post Honey Bunches Of Oats with Strawberries - I do love my Post cereals. And Honey Bunches of Oats is one of my favorites.  Just the name Post reminds me of my favorite kid's cereals.  With Honey Bunches of Oats the cereal has grown up.  I love the oat bunches, probably the best granola out there.  The strawberries are very good.  This will be a go to breakfast when I need something quick.

White Lily - White Grape and Wheat Flour- So here is the thing about me, I am not the biggest baker out there.  Every now and then a recipe may pop up that I do want to try.  After reading about how every bag of White Lily flower can be traced to the farmer who grew the wheat I have to say I am impressed. I will look for a holiday recipe for this product.

Oregon Chai Powdered Tea - This one is very good.  The spices are perfect and as for convenience you just can't go wrong with a powdered mix.  Usually a powdered mix does not create a smooth creamy drink, but this one did. 

Vermont Smoke and Cure Mini Meat Sticks - There were two kinds of meat sticks in my Degustabox.  What I love about Vermont Smoke and Cure meat sticks is they are healthy.  Animals are raised without hormones, antibiotics, and fed a natural vegetarian diet. This provides a very lean protein packed treat.  The seasoning was great.  Just the right amount of spice.  Both the peperoni and the cracked pepper flavors are excellent.  So much better then any other meat sticks on the market.

Goya Marie Cookies -  Here is a great treat I had forgotten about.  I have not had one of these biscuits (yes they are called biscuits in England, who created them) in years. They are sweet with a great crunch.Super yummy!


So here is my recipe for one of the best Ice Cream Sandwiches ever.  Just take two Goya Marie Cookies and a generous scoop of your favorite ice cream.  Spread some sprinkles (rainbow or chocolate) on a plate.  For a bit more fun freeze your favorite candy bar, place it in a plastic baggy, and smash it with a frying pan, yep just give it a whack. It will shatter.  Sprinkle the broken up candy bar on a plate and roll the sides of the ice cream sandwich in it.  Done.  Enjoy right then or keep in the freezer for later. 

Loacker - Rose of the Dolomite - These have to be one of the prettiest candies out there. The rose shape hides a delicious hazelnut butter with hazelnut bits.  This is a very delicate and rich candy. I found it to be very yummy!

Goetze's Cow Tales - OK, so not everything in a surprise box can be a winner.  I have never tried a Cow Tale before so I was intrigued. What we have here is a hollow tube of caramel filled with some kind of white cream center.  I am sure there is a devoted following for this candy, but I am not one of them.

I hope you have enjoyed my review of the August Degustabox. Thank you for reading my blog!