Thursday, December 21, 2017

Favorite Red Blank NYC Jacket For the Holidays in Beverly Hills

I was driving through Beverly Hills the other day and marveling at all of the Holiday Decor.  For those of you who have not done this I really must suggest you do.  Rodeo Drive is lit up by Baccarat Chandeliers, Illuminated jewels on the median, and Beverly Drive is lit up with LED icicles. With all of this festivity I still have to admit my favorite is the always reliable and elegant Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I could not resist using the sophisticated and opulent entry gate from The Four Season Beverly Wilshire Hotel for a quick shoot.

Beverly Wilshire Marisa Stewart In Frame And Louis Vutton
What an amazing backdrop. Red Jacket is Blank NY. I love the color, perfect for the season. Only Blank could make a moto jacket that seamlessly passes into the holiday theme. 

Black jeans from Frame have the best fit. Throw on a pair of black High Heeled boots and a black Nordstrom V-neck shirt. All black allows the eed suede to be a focal point of the outfit. 

Blank Leather Jacket in Beverly Hills
If you look closely my Boots have a silver strip on the inside of the heel. Little touches like that are my weakness. Just something special to make the boot stand out. 

Make up is from YSL they have the best foundation and of course the best Red Lipstick.

Look at the huge planters full of Poinsettia's. I love the red of poinsettia's. 


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