Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Festivities!

Happy Birthday America!!  Happy to be living in the land where we are free to express ourselves in the fashion we believe.  No colors are more bold and fun than the traditional Red, White & Blue! 
Usually 4th of July fun is pretty casual.  But even casual needs some sparkle.  So why not add some glittery nail polish, silver glitter Vans & blingy bracelets.  These are just a few ideas to brighten up the day or night.

I also think that 4th of July calls for some festive treats! 

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 4th of July ideas

July 4th Desserts

If you aren't up for making these fancy desserts, S'mores are always DE-licious!!

Hope you have a fabulous 4th!  How are you all going to celebrate?

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  1. Ooh I love these photos :) I'm not American, but every year I wish I was just so I could celebrate the 4th of July :) I suppose we do have St Patrick's day!

  2. Love all of this stuff! Getting festive for holidays is one of my favorite things to do!


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