Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Guy's Guide to a Superbowl Party

I am the Hubs and my little Socialite has asked me to provide a little insight on the Superbowl. The Superbowl is the culmination of an entire season of following and rooting for favorite teams and players. So here it is, the "BIG GAME".  A celebration of toughness and grit played on a field referred to as the Grid Iron. So here are some of things to make this Sunday super for the guys. Let me clarify...we do want you to be part of the festivities and have fun as well. For those of you who think this celebration is unimportant just remember how many times he has tried his best to engage you in those conversations about your manicure.
To be part of this event you must choose a team. It does not have to be the same team as your guy's, just pick a team. To make it more exciting make a bet with him.  Even you want the same team to win, bet on who will score last, if any team has a kick returned for touchdown, will there be a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime, anything just make it fun. 

This is the most important ingredient for the Superbowl party. This is not the time to embrace the craft brew craze. This is football, you do not sniff and sip then discuss the hints and notes of the brew.  No, this needs to be a big American standard beer. Something unpretentious that was made to be chugged. It needs to be ice cold. If possible put the beer in a bucket of ice at the edge of the couches, easily within reach of all the guests. 

Anything that would make Dr. Oz cringe. It needs to be easy to make and preferably eaten with the hands. Nothing fancy, just good. I know many of us men love to grill up some food for a game, but on Superbowl the last thing we want to do is be outside grilling while the game and party is inside. Also, we want you to be part of the event so do not think we want you to impress with some complicated recipe that keeps you away from the excitement.  

Recipe:  Buy queso cheese sauce.
              Heat in microwave.
              Mix in extra salsa if desired.
              Serve with Tator Tots.
Hint: Provide a spoon in cheese sauce and some small plates. Prevents double dipping.

Recipe: Take favorite BBQ sauce and pour a bottle or two into a crock pot or that that fancy fondue thing we never use.
Add a pack of little smokie miniature hot dogs.
Bring out to table with pack of toothpicks and plenty of napkins.

Pigs in a blanket.  Just pick up the any frozen brand and follow directions on box.

These are just a few samples of the dining options that should be present at the party.  Of course the traditional smoked sausage and cheese plates and the chips and salsa are always appropriate.
Signature Culinary Highlight of the Day  

I do feel the picture tells the recipe. Go Seahawks. Whenever they score a victory a Vodka Jiggler will be consumed. This is the creation of our very favorite Socialite Marisa.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and have fun.
The Hubs.   

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