Thursday, December 18, 2014

Men's Gift Guide

This is the High Heeled Brunette's Husband and I have been given the task of telling you what men would like for the holidays this year. First you have to understand a little bit about me. I am well educated and enjoy my work, I am lucky enough to have married a girl who keeps me interested and I am never bored. I have served in the U.S. Military and appreciate what I have. I am a man or a guy, not a dude. I don't bromance or understand the point in reality T.V. 
But here are some suggestions for decent holiday gifts the man in your life should appreciate.

Luxury brand art of shaving has a great kit for shaving
The Art of Shaving Travel Essentials Kit.  The travel kit is the perfect size. All the products from The Art Shaving require a very small amount to get the perfect shave. I find the full size are just too big. The kit includes Pre-shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After Shave Balm, and the one thing that actually gives shaving that old school touch a bristle brush. Of course if your man has totally embraced Movember this is a subtle hint it is time to clean up.

To really impress your man pick up pair of good seats to his favorite sporting event. Knowing his favorite sports should be simple to really impress him. Find out what is favorite team is or the team he really does not like and pick up tickets for that game. Hint: for The High Heeled Brunette - Kings vs Blackhawks. Just go to Stubhub. It does not matter if the game isn't for months, he will just celebrate all over again and tell everyone how cool you are.
Luxury Jimmy Choo Men's Shoes with Embossed Stars at Saks Fifth Avenue
Shoes. Yes, I know that is the domain of you ladies. What I am talking about is not some pair of athletic shoes which can only mean one of two things, you think we need to spend more (or some) time in the gym or you are still with a dude who thinks the new pair of Air Jordans looks good with a suit. So show the world and your date some respect and put on a pair of nice shoes with some polish if needed. 
Just because you have decided to play with the big boys does not mean you have to give up attitude. These Jimmy Choo's feature embossed stars and not shown here, but the toe of the sole has 5 studded stars on it as well.
Shinola Watch made in america
A watch. Some people have decided a watch is impractical. If they want to know what time it is they will just look at their phone. When you are talking to someone and you pull out your phone to look at the time, it is rude. You are basically saying I am bored, wondering how long have I been here or when can I finally leave. A watch is much more subtle. A quick glance is barely noticed. 
I like to keep my watch simple. The Shinola above is cool in that it is made in Detroit of Swiss parts. All it tells is time and has a seconds hand. Simple and sophisticated.
Here we have the Bose Bluetooth miniature speaker. It fits in the palm of a hand, but has the patented Bose technology. Very big clear sound from a small device. The bluetooth really makes this item great. Going out to grill up some steaks listening to your Pandora on the weak speakers of your smart phone is just plain unacceptable. Pull this out and your bluetooth automatically connects and it is time to rock that grill.

Here we go.... time embrace his inner nerd. Does not matter how old a guy is we all recognize the Deathstar. When it is time to put your nice clothes on and go out to an elegant affair it is nice to have a subtle piece of personality.

Here is a practical and very unique wallet from Wurking Stiff. In this day of Identity Wurking Stiff created a wallet made of quality embossed leather that is alloyed metals fused inside to prevent identity theft. I personally really like the flash of red on the inside, makes every purchase look like a big one. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!!
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