Monday, February 9, 2015

Star Candy Rocks Hustler Hollywood

As we all know Valentine's day is a time to celebrate love and romance with flowers, chocolate, an elegant dinner, and a reason to wear way to high to be safe heels (what a glorious holiday). Let's not forget Valentine's Day should have some playful sexy fun. So I headed over to the Hustler Hollywood Store on the famous Sunset Strip. It is even more special for me since my line, Star Candy, is sold there. Whether you are more on the timid side or like to live daring this store has what you want and it is all displayed with taste.  I, of course, recommend Star Candy as it is designed to have that flirty fun side all guys love. I don't think the ladies realize how much guys love BLING on their date's booties. They think it's fun and I've heard from many guys.

Get to spanking 50 shades of grey themed underwear with rhinestone bling
"Get to Spanking" is one of our newest pairs. It's perfect for that 50 Shades of Grey theme! Don't think it is just a coincidence 50 Shades is opening on Valentine's weekend.

Hustler Hollywood and Star Candy Rhinestone Skull booty bling
I absolutely LOVE this skull pair! It's a new one too! I wear skulls a lot...Love having a little attitude.

Happy face Star Candy panties at Hustler Hollywood
This pair is perfect for the shoe department. Who is not happy while sitting in the middle of a sea of shoes!! This is really one of the cutest pairs of undies Star Candy makes.

Hustler Hollywood and Star Candy Stop Staring booty shorts with bling sexy valentines day fun.
What a fun pair. What else would he be doing.

Star candy and hustler hollywood made you look  panties.
Haha! Made You Look!!

Money Maker panties from star candy sold at hustler hollywood stores.
There are dollar signs on the front, and of course we know how to Shake Our Money Makers!

Wanted Star Candy and Hustler Hollywood cute and fun panties.
"Wanted" is the original pair that started Star Candy. So it will always be special to me.

The High Helled Brunette having fun in Hustler Hollywood
OK... Boas and a shoe chair!! What more would I need to be happy. Everything a girl could want.

The high heeled brunette at Hustler Hollywood Sunset
I love this Hustler hoodie! It is so soft and comfy. They have a great selection of clothes.

Ah yes, back to my happy spot!

As you saw in the previous pictures Hustler has quite the shoe department, but these really caught my eye. So super cute and hot! I think the High Heeled Brunette needs these.

Funky leopard couch. Enough said. Just absolutely rockin'! Hustler encourages you to relax and just enjoy the store.

Chillin' with a cappucino after my shoot in the Hustler Coffee Shop/Bakery. They have the best coffee and yummy sweets! The barista was super cool too. This store really has everything!!! It's more than just a "sex" store. It is a fun place to shop where you can find cool things to wear such as jewelry, sunglasses, clothing, men's clothing, a small assortment of bags and a fun section of coffee table books.

Chilling having a coffee ont the famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood at Hustler Hollywood

So nice to just hang out on Sunset, during a fab sunset! Watching all the hustle and bustle of the Sunset Strip.

So lets all have some fun and enjoy the day of love and romance. 
If you want to Bling your booty for Valentine's Day you can purchase Star Candy at Hustler Hollywood nationwide or online at Star Candy Boutique

I really hope you enjoyed my post!!! Please stop by and see what Star Candy is all about. Next time we'll be talking wedding collection!


  1. I was in Hustler Hollywood the other day and bought a pair of these! They are so comfy! Great Pics!
    xo, Lilie

  2. I can't get over how super sexy you look in your leather pants....

  3. I just adore you!!! You look gorgeous my friend <3 xx


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