Thursday, August 20, 2015

Neiman Marcus Fall Trend Show

The Neiman Marcus List of Trends for Fall
1. Folklorica- A global array of embroidery, patchwork, lace and fringe.
2. The Last Layer- Dusters, ponchos and capes.
3. Full-Bodied Reds- Crimson, carmine and claret.
4. White Out- We're forecasting a wintry mix.
5. Modern Fur- Real or faux it's a must.
6. The Return Of The Flare- Jeans and pants with a leg-flattering kick.
7. The Saddle Bag- Single shoulder or crossbody, a '70's favorite rides again.
8. Chunky Heels- Walk all day. Dance all night.
9. Ear Candy- Change it up with huggies, jackets, crawlers and cuffs.
10. The Well Dressed Leg- Luxury sheers, fishnets and lace.

Ahhh...La La Love mu Christian Dior's.

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