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Tanya Heath Paris Shoes In Beverly HIlls on Robertson Blvd

As everyone is well aware I have a tremendous passion for shoes. A little while ago I noticed a new store open on Roberstson Blvd in Beverly Hills. New stores always peak my interest so I had to check it out. WOW!! To my surprise and delight there is a new player in the US for shoes. These are not your ordinary shoes. Tanya Heath Paris is truly one of the more unique concepts to come around in a long time.  Not since the introduction of the modern stiletto (1950's) have shoes experienced such a unique transformation. I do mean transformation. Tanya Heath has made the ultimate shoe for any situation. Go to your business meeting with a nice conservative black stiletto heel and on your way to happy hour with friends simply snap on a thick rhinestone heel and you have a new look. Amazing!!!!

Where to shop for changeable heel for boots or shoes at Tanya Heath
Tanya Heath Paris offers a collection of shoes with interchangeable heels allowing you to change heel height and design with a simple click of a button. All Tanya Heath Paris shoe styles can be paired with any heel in the store, so you can create the right look to express who you are perfectly. The shoe designs are timeless for versatile wear. Heels are current variations on classics in rich textures and on-trend colors. Whether you choose matching or contrasting heels, it will be your own unique look.

Where to shop for shoes on Robertson Blvd
Tanya Heath is located in the trendiest shopping area of Beverly Hills. Right in the middle of Robertson Blvd where much of the great shopping and star spotting occurs. Be sure to get your paparazzi look ready here, as this is the only Tanya Heath store in the United States. 

Window Display Tanya Heath Paris Shoes on Robertson Blvd Beverly Hills Ca
The window displays are so perfect. The entire store is decorated impeccably. It is designer perfection!

Heel selection for Tanya Heath Paris shoes
First you must pick a heel in the height and style you desire. Then in order to attach the heel you simply slide it into place, give it a firm push until your hear a "click" and you are done! To remove the heel, simply press the black button on the inside of the sole and slide the heel off.
HELEN Black Lambskin
The shoes are made in France by the finest manufacturers of shoes in the Loire Valley. Combining modern engineering, with the highest quality French and Italian leather, Tanya Health shoes are a true luxury brand. 

Selecting heels at Tanya Heath Paris in Beverly Hills, getting the perfect heel.
Everyone was so nice and patient while I looked through all the different styles and colors. It is so much fun!

Marisa Stewart the High Heeled selecting the perfect heels at Tanya Heath Paris in Beverly Hills location.
How great would this be in your closet? A "HEEL RACK"!

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette showing different styles created with interchangable heels from Tanya Heath
I mixed up the heels to show a greater variety of what they have to offer. As you can see I'm wild about the glitter. The heels are sold as an identical pair, but feel free to buy two and mix it up for fun. There are 4 different heel styles:

CHRISTOPHE heels get you where you want to go. At 1.7" (4.5 cm) they are the perfect height and shape for walking.

DENIS heels are 3.4" (8.5 cm) tall, powerful Cuban heels in the bootmaker tradition.

FRANCOIS are tall, sleek stiletto heels at 3.5" (9 cm.)

STEPHANE are perfect kitten heels at 2.4 inches (6 cm.) Feminine and comfortable all day long. 

Each heel style comes in dozens of colors and textures all will click onto any Tanya Heath Paris shoe. Heels are sold in pairs separately from shoes. Each pair of heels includes a cloth travel bag.
Tanya Heath Paris store on Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills favorite ankle boots.
I love the boots. Especially the fringe ones!! Fringe is the hottest trend for this season.
The High Heeled Brunette MArisa Stewart trying on different switchable heels in beverly Hills at Tanya Heath on Robertson
What a perfect sandal.  I can't decide if I like the matching red heel or the silver glitter fire heel, luckily I don't have to, "I WILL TAKE BOTH"

The High Heeled Brunette, Marisa Stewart, tries on shoes in Tanya Heath in Beverly Hills
Classic pumps and ankle boots. Of course they look fabulous with spiked stiletto's or a chunky glitter heel.
Marisa Stewart of the High Heeled Brunette picks a heel for her Tanya Heath Shoes in Beverly Hills
Look how much fun I am having!! This is more fun than choosing frozen yogurt toppings. You literally get to choose what shoe you want and with what heel. You can even buy 3 different heel heights for one pair of shoes or boots. This makes it possible to go from work, to dinner and dancing all night!

Tanya Heath Paris boutique silver heel chioces.

Tanya Heath Paris Boutique Heel Personalization Bar in Beverly Hills
Coming soon! This is going to be a shoe personalization bar. 

Tanya Heath Paris Shoe Display in United States Boutique
All through the store are unique and personalized touches. Pame Schmider has created a wonderfully cozy, friendly, and Parisian shopping environment.

Tanya Heath Paris very cute Eiffel Tower Display
Ooh La La.

Tanya Heath Paris created the perfect Checkout counter in Beverly Hills ca.
Everything right down to the checkout counter is designed to make you feel like you are just hanging out with your best friend, playing with shoes and having a fantasticly fun time.

Tanya Heath Paris in Beverly Hills Marshmallow treats straight from France
If you are as lucky as I was you may just be offered a french marshmallow treat. 

Marisa Stewart the High Heeled Brunette has fun Shopping at Tanya Heath Paris in Beverly Hills on famous Robertson Blvd
Had to do a little shopping while I was there. How cute is this polka dot tissue paper?! But what's inside is even cuter!

Pame Schmider owner of Tanya Heath Paris on Robertson Blvd posing with Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette in the Beverly Heels Boutique
I was lucky enough to meet the owner, Pame Schmider, while at the store. She is so sweet! She's truly beautiful inside and out!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!! I hope you will stop by and shop the Tanya Heath Store in person. It really is FAB! For more fashion and style inspiration you can follow me on Instagram.


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