Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Denim Dress

Here we are at the tail end of another summer. The evenings are getting cooler and we are starting to feel a little autumn crispness in the air. With the change in seasons there is a need to do some shopping. My friends over at Shabby Apple gave me a terrific opportunity to feature one of their fabulous items. I couldn't resist this perfect denim dress. Thanks for the dress Shabby Apple!!
The denim dress is certainly a very chic transitional piece, easily taking you into fall style. The denim dress is one of the most versatile and stylish pieces you can have in your closet right now. The reason is simple, with it you are not committing to any one season. You can definitely layer it as it gets colder.

This denim dress can be feminine or have a "cooler" look to it. You could pair it with a cardigan or a leather jacket like I did below. A cardigan would give it a more feminine look, while the leather jacket can add some attitude.

Shabby Apple has taken all the aspects of denim and designed a perfect dress. I love how this dress fits and doesn't use a tie or belt to show off the waist. A simple full length zipper is the only embellishment needed. By making it run the entire length of the dress in the center it easily draws the eyes to the middle creating a great silhouette.
Denim's bestie is a pair boots. I knew right away I had the perfect pair of booties. I just had to bring in a little more attitude and make sure the toes were studded on the booties. The studded purse really brings things together.
A simple leather jacket went perfect with this outfit. I love the way it does not distract from the outfit, but just adds another layer of cool.

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