Thursday, March 6, 2014

Emerald Green Eyes

One of the hottest trends in makeup right now is a bright bold emerald green. I love emerald green. Whether you are deepening the sultry look of naturally darker colored eyes or intensifying the radiance of lighter colored eyes emerald green is the color for you. Shimmering emerald green eyeshadow creates an irresistible frame for your eyes drawing attention to and highlighting that sparkle we all have when we know we are having fun. Here are some of my favorite looks.  Try one of these and surely his phone number is just a matter of batting your flawless look a couple times.

This vibrant color is a trend that works on all skin tones. That's the beauty of emerald green. I would advise to use darker greens on fair to medium skin tones and lighter green on darker skin tones. A bright green can work on any skin tone. You can also use it as a smoky eye since green acts as a neutral. I also love mixing greens with blues and purples. If you are going to go bright or dark I always advise a nude lip or if you're feeling daring try a red.

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