Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fun with Color + Marabou

Hello to all my blogger friends. I was on my way back from lunch with a few close friends today when I passed by this beautiful Bougainvillea (yes I used spell check) and knew I needed to get some pics in front of it. Not sure how long they last in your area, but I know this one only has bright colored flowers for a few weeks. The signature piece of this outfit is my Amanda Uprichard top. Love the vibrant colors.

Can't forget your shades. The fun blue mirror tint on these just drew me in and I knew they would be perfect with this outfit. Mirrored glasses are going to be everywhere this summer.

Stepping up in my favorite Rocker vibe heels. Just had to make sure the studs on my shoes coordinate with the ones on my bag. Honestly, the leather tassle makes the bag.

A marabou vest is one of the the essentials for a girl who wants to have some fun. You can't see it the picture but when the wind blows the marabou starts to wave and gives a whole new dimension to the outfit.

Just having a bit of fun.

The always popular skinny black jeans and high heels.

Marabou Vest - Haute Hippie
Top - Amanda Uprichard
Jeans - Juicy Couture
Shoes - Prada
Sunglasses - Nordstrom

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'd love to hear what you think of my outfit. 

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