Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hollywood Mr. Bone's Pumpkin Patch

                                    Halloween Pumpkin Patch Fun                                     
Here it is Halloween, one of the greatest holidays ever celebrated. All of us remember as kids Halloween meant trick or treating and candy unofficially being declared a food group. As we get older Halloween is a reason to play dress up where stripper heels are encouraged. Guys who have spent many hours in gyms dress like spartan warriors and give their abs a final Hoorah.
As Halloween draws near it is time to select a pumpkin. I truly believe it is always more fun to head over to a traditional pumpkin patch (much better then the supermarkets). Here in Hollywood the go to spot is Mr. Bones. 

My pumpkin picking outfit is of course casual. I realize I am the High Heeled Brunette, but when tromping through the hay I prefer boots. Prada combat boots are super cute and provide that tough girl persona. Hudson Jeans are the perfect blend of fit and comfort. Star Candy tank with a sequence of rhinestone skulls, look close each skull has a heart on the forehead. All topped of with a chambray shirt (need to keep it casual).

The High Heeled Brunette at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch Hollywood
I love this place. Hay bails and a friendly ghost.

Marisa High Heeled Brenette with pumpkin at famous hollywood pumpkin patch
I think I like this one. Look in the background they provide a wagon for the serious pumpkin lovers.
Marisa in a huge pumpkin
Peter, Peter pumpkin-eater. Had a wife, and couldn't keep her. He put her in a pumpkin shell, and there he kept her very well.  I'm in a nursery rhyme.

Ok this is it a 25 pounder.

Prada Combat Boots
It is all mine.

It's Mr. Bones!

Just hanging with some pumpkins.

We have a Frankenstein wedding. As a shoe lover I do have to admit I am liking these sneakers.

Wow Big Birds.

A Witch's Brew.

Here is the story of Jack O' Lanterns - Centuries ago in Ireland a man named Stingy Jack had a drink with the devil. Stingy Jack did not want to pay (hence the name stingy) so he tricked the devil into changing himself into a coin. Rather than using the coin to pay for the drinks Stingy Jack put the coin in his pocket. He had a cross in the pocket which kept the devil from coming out. Stingy jack told the devil he would release him if he promised to leave him alone for a year. After a year Stingy Jack ran into the devil again and tricked him into climbing a tree. Stingy jack carved a cross into the tree and trapped the devil again. This time he made the devil promise to leave him alone and not collect his soul upon his death. When Stingy Jack passed, the devil kept his word, but heaven would not let an unsavory man like Stingy Jack in so the devil gave Jack a piece of glowing hot coal and sent him away. He put the piece of coal into a carved out turnip and used it as lantern. He was known as Jack of the Lantern.
We carve scary faces on pumpkins and light them up as Jack O' Lanterns and put them out on Halloween to scare away Stingy Jack and other spirits.

Happy Halloween!!!

Outfit Details:
1. Chambray Shirt - Old Navy
2. Skull Tank Top - Star Candy
3. Jeans - Hudson
4. Boots - Prada (Similar)
5. Bag - Forever 21

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  1. That's a super adorable look for a day at the Patch - the skulls tee is so cute! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!!!


    1. Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much. I'm so happy you like my skull tank. It's from my company. Hope you had a fabulously fun Halloween!!xo

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