Monday, November 3, 2014

Kushyfoot Sock and Tights Review

What a great mail day yesterday! I came home to find this lovely package of Kushyfoot goodies at my door! 
High Heeled Brunette Reviews Kushyfoot
Kushyfoot has styles available for every shoe, leg wear and fashion need. Kushyfoot is well made and at a great price point for everyone. Their products range from $6.99 - $9.99. Their trouser socks are quite fashionable in styles such as: opaque, ribbed, chevron and fishnet. Kushyfoot also makes super cute tights and "Flats to Go".

The fishnet trouser socks are my favorite. They are so smart over there at Kushyfoot as they thought to make a solid bottom on the socks so the fishnet design doesn't cut into your feet! Pure genius! So chic!

Kushyfoot also has these opaque black trouser socks for the more conservative occasion.

I also love the Flats to Go. They are so cute and stylish. The flats are lightweight and ultra portable (they come in their own cute carrying bag) so you can take them anywhere. I know these are going in my car ASAP! What a relief they were after wearing 6 inch heels. Well, I am The High Heeled Brunette you know! The Flats to Go come in an array of cute patterns such as: patent leather, metallic, snake skin print and fleecy leopard. I say run out and buy a pair of these right away.

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoyed my review.
I had so much fun trying on and wearing Kushyfoot socks and Flats to Go. Thank you so much to Kushyfoot for sending me this gift.
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  1. Indeed they look amazing! And I can totally understand why you're loving the home flats! They look so cute and comfy!

    ♘ ♘

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, they are super comfy

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