Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You'll Always Be Comfy In Kushyfoot

I received the greatest assortment of goodies from Kushyfoot the other day. I wanted to try them out before posting. I absolutely adore this brand and I wear their tights all the time! They last a long time and are great quality without the expensive price tag.

Kushyfoot Sheer Anklet as seen on www.thehighheeledbrunette.com

This pair of sheet anklets was fab! I wore them with a pair of pumps and jeans. It was a little chilly out so they were perfect for my night out. They did not slip or slide and the special padding on the bottom made them extra comfy. You can buy them here.

Kushyfoot Lace Top Toe Cover reviewed by The High Heeled Brunette
These Lace Top Toe Covers were great with my sling backs. They have an invisible heel grip to keep it in place. By the way, these are so pretty with the lace detailing on the toe area. You can purchase them here.

Kushyfoot Foot Covers with cotton sole reviewed by Marisa Stewart on The High Heeled Brunette
The Foot Covers with Cotton Sole are super comfy. I wore these with a pair of ballet flats and they sure did make my shoes more comfortable. They prevented the usual rubbing of the leather on my toes! You can buy them here.

Kushyfoot Peep Toe Sock with Heel Grip reviewed by Marisa Stewart of the High Heeled Brunette
The peep toe sock with heel grip was also great as it too prevented my shoes from rubbing on my feet. They are very comfortable and did not slip off thanks to the heel grip. You can buy them here.

Kushyfoot Knee Highs with Cotton Soles reviewed by Marisa Stewart of The High Heeled Brunette
The Knee Highs with Cotton Sole are so great for a long day on your feet at work. The cotton makes them so comfortable. I wore these under my slack for a full day of meetings. I would definitely  recommend these! You can purchase them here.

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