Friday, May 15, 2015

Bring on the Sun with Pack A Hat

I was lucky to receive this super cute, summer chic sun hat from Cappelli Straworld, Inc. It has such a cute name! It's called Pack A Hat!

I absolutely love this hat! It is so light and airy. Wouldn't weigh you down or make you hot on a summer day. And what a plus, it has a UPF 50+ rating to block the sun out and keep your skin looking wrinkle free and young.

Inside of this super cute tote-style miniature bag is a hat! As you can see in the pictures below. How convenient is that?! It's great to just throw in your bag for everyday when the sun pops out. 

The hat and bag comes in 5 different colors and all have a tonal striping effect. I love that this one has lurex thread in it. Lurex is a type of metallic thread that gives it a shiny gold look.

If you want to head on over and check it out you can click here. They even have free shipping!

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