Thursday, November 16, 2017

Perfect Thanksgiving Day Outfit

The Season for Wearing Red

So this is by far my most favorite time of the year.  Starbucks has switched to holiday cups, the surfers are wearing full wetsuits, decorations are going up, and yes the shopping season is upon us. So let's break out our festive reds and go shopping.  

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette at Westfield Century City Los Angeles shopping destination.

I paired my go to black jeans with this perfect red flared top.  As always the shoes are the base for my outfits. With the flare at the waist I felt I needed to go with a higher heeled boot. Be cautious of flats with a flared waist as it may give the appearance of shorter legs, never want that. 

Marisa Stewart The High Heeled Brunette modeling Jimmy Choo Boots Frame Denim at the new Westfield Century City Shopping Center.

Look at these sleeves so much fun. This is the perfect top for coffee and some pastries. Be careful with these sleeves if you are eating pasta, very easy for them to get dipped in the sauce accidentally. Just take my word for it.

Westfield Centery City Shopping Center Nordstrom red Top, Frame denim jeans

Simple makeup, bright red lips and a bold sparkling necklace are perfect with this outfit. 
iammarisastewart at Westfield Century City Shopping Center Nordstrom modeling black frame jeans with red Nordstroms top .

High boots pair great with any coat. I decided to keep with the black. Black just makes the red pop and really looks good. 

Ok Jack Frost I am ready for winter. 
Love my coat and the detail of the boot zipper on the back of my boots really make this a perfect outfit for outdoor mall shopping.  Don't let the Palm tree in the background fool you, It gets cold here. 

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